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Million Dollar Day To-Do List

In continuing with my course on Internet Lifestyle Network I am finding such motivation in getting things done!  The other day I shared about dreamscaping my lifestyle, ignoring all doubt and just being on purpose with what I want in life.  Today I finished up something I started Friday afternoon. I wasn’t procrastinating, just really taking time […]

DreamScaping My Life

I recently participated in a DreamScaping Engagement through Internet Lifestyle Network. It’s amazing what we can imagine when we let go of doubt and simply allow ourselves to DreamScape like a child at play.  Before I continue, let me explain that these are not selfish motives. The reality is, there are several people living their […]

How Going After The “Internet Lifestyle” Allowed Me To Start Living The Entrepreneur “Dream Life” At Only 28 Years Old – By Vincent Ortega Jr.

From A Failing Business, To Generating Over 7-Figures Online In This Last Year, And Capturing The Entrepreneur Dream Life? A lot of people want to know… “Why should I listen to this 28 year old kid?” So I end up having to tell my numbers by letting people know I have generated over 7-figures online over […]

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